Friday, February 27, 2009

North of Beautiful: Geocache-o-rama #5

Welcome to Day 5 (the final day...sob! sob!) of the North of Beautiful Geocache-o-rama. One of my favorite, if not most neurotic, things to do change up my house. Rearrange furniture! Create new displays! Move my artwork!

So in today's cache--Beauty: One Etsy Step at a Time--I take you to one of my favorite sources of inspiration. And to one of my favorite jewelers of all who created readergirlz pendents for my divas divine as well as Girl Overboard necklaces for my editors.

How to play:
1. Visit the coordinates listed below.
2. Find the answer to the question, also below.
3. Drop a comment on this blog with the answer, your name, and your email.
4. Winner receives...a mystery cache of galleys! Woo hoo!


Inspiration comes on wings for her.

What is the working name of this artist AND can you tell which YA novel she luuuuurves?


Erika Lynn said...

Georgia loves Twilight. And I finished North of Beauty last night and it was amazing. I am going to write my review later today for my blog but I am in love with your book! your brilliant.

Jennie said...

I am such a Etsy addict. But her working name is gypsywings and she loves Twilight!

And I already have a geocaching tin, so I feel like I've already won, but I still wanted to play along.


Lisa said...


She luuuurves Twilight.

Lisa Clark

Can you win if you currently live out of the country.

How are you doing these days?

Marjolein said...

her working name is gypsywings and she love the YA novel Girl Overboard

Marjolein said...

her working name is Gypsywings and the YA novel she loves is North Of Beautiful

Yan said...

Wild guess, Georgia Cranston and she luvs Twilight! lol I feel like a stalker after knowing this.

Paradox said...

Her name is Georgia Cranston and she goes by Gypsy Wings on Etsy. She loves Twilight!

paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

Maya Ganesan said...

Her working name is Gypsy Wings and she lurves Twilight. :)

Justina said...

And the winner is...LISA!

Congrats everyone for visiting GYPSY WINGS on Etsy, the most avid Twilight fan I know.

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