Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Purpose Driven Society

I loved what my brother, Dave Chen, wrote on his blog as he reflected on Inauguration Day. Just imagine that: our country, a Purpose-Driven society. That we lived by our old values of kindness. Empathy. Citizenship. That our public policy and foreign policy reflected that.

Obama won’t return our nation to its past glories, but he can do something even greater, and that is lead us to our next greatness.
as he has already said many times…and we may not be hearing him…we need to translate that hope into the true grit that gives us the resolve to tackle these very real, deep changes in big parts of our culture, society, and economy…all in the backdrop of a very much changed new world order and physical environment.
will he lead us into a “new” contract with americans…and the world. maybe to steal a concept from rick warren: will he lead us to build a purpose driven society

Today I am grateful for a new face for America, for hope, for our next greatness.

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