Sunday, January 25, 2009

Numbers & Nibbles

A few weeks ago, I blogged about My Mountain--knowing what I want and how I'm working toward getting there.

As part of that, I hosted a workshop at my house last night: NUMBERS & NIBBLES--What Every Woman Needs to Know About Her Money. My girlfriend, Sherilyn Anderson, a VP of Goldman Sachs, shared her thoughts.

Here are the best tidbits of many, many:
1. Women need to be physically fit AND fiscally fit. Know your budget: what you have in the bank, what you're saving, what you're spending.

2. Save now for your future. That $3 latte could be $50 that you could have saved in the future!

3. Visualize retirement: what kind of life do we want to be living? (I want to be in a condo, still writing every day!) Know your budget for that retirement. Take that number and divide by 0.035. That's The Number you must have as your net worth to fund your retirement.

Today I am grateful for my friends who share their smarts.

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