Friday, March 27, 2009

Twilight: This & That Thoughts

Wow, Twihards! Thanks for all the feedback here on my blog, on Facebook, and through Tweets about my Twilight Mecca to Forks.

YAY to Jennifer who is bringing her Girl Scout troop to Forks to do the Twilight Geocache!

YAY to Gypsy Wings for returning to Seattle soon. I am *so* going to take her on the Twilight Geocache.

YAY to all of you for indulging in my geekiness.

Quick thoughts about something that's been eating at me. Has anyone else noticed that in interviews, Stephenie Meyer seems to be almost...apologizing for her writing? Like this about a much quoted, much tattooed line in her book: "I know it's cheesy." Or again when she talks about not always choosing the best words. Or that she sees herself as a storyteller more than a writer.

I just want to tell her to STOP!

I don't think I have ever heard of a best-selling male author apologize for his writing. To call a single one of his lines as "cheesy."

I don't think millions of people would be buying and quoting and wearing and tattooing her words if they didn't think those words were good.

So female authors out there: can we just make a pledge to ourselves? Whether romance writers, YA writers, horror writers--let's just be proud that we're creating!

Today I am thankful for my ever-growing community of YA authors. An amazing community.


Little Willow said...

Here's to taking pride in that which you create, be it books, crafts, meals - anything and everything.

sweetmelissa818 said...

She definitely shouldn't apologize for her writing! And you are always welcome to indulge in cheesiness with me! I'm a total cheeseball (I moved to Wilmington, NC because they filmed Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill there). I'm a total fangirl and am not afraid to admit it!

Georgia said...


And YES when I come out there we will be going geocaching!

Erin said...

Even if for some reason I put some work out there that makes me cringe--I will never apologize about it. *chin held high*

Sarah Rettger said...

What timing, Justina - I just realized yesterday that I was "apologizing" to a coworker for asking her to finish something I needed - it's the first time in a while I've caught myself doing that.

Thanks for the reminder not to apologize unnecessarily - about anything!

Justina Chen Headley said...

Yay to Erin!
Sarah: I think women in particular have been trained to apologize unnecessarily. Guilt is our bib that's been tied around our necks since we were little girls. I'm sorry, it's true. (See!?)

holly cupala said...

Hear, hear!

Natalie said...

SM has gotten people, young and old(er) passionate about reading and discussing books! She has touched so many with her wonderful stories. She has nothing to apologize for!

In fact, who is she apologizing to? Her haters? When you sell millions of books, you'll have your fair share of haters. That's par for the course, right?!

She should have some self-pride, focus on her fans and keep on writing!

Shannon said...

I so agree!

I don't hear James Patterson apologizing for his books and I sometimes think may be he should. I'm really not all that serious--not all books are for everyone. (Please don't send me hate mail.....)

I don't think any author should apologize. I hold writers in great esteem. It is amazing what they do!

Olugbemisola (Mrs.Pilkington) said...

Thanks for the reminder -- I need it!

Anna said...

Yes, yes, yes! You are so very right! Love how you've said it. If there is so many people loving it, stop apologizing, just enjoy yourself and keep crafting words the way you do.
I totally envy you on this Forks geocache and my daughter wants to go to the States even more than before when she knew Forks is a real place LOL. She's bugging me to go next summer :)

Our Pease Pod said...

I totally agree-she is a lot less cheesy than some other teen books I've read. I love Twilight and am so thankful and appreciative of Stephenie and her amazing story.

I don't know how she deals with so much unwarrented criticism-and hope it doesn't get her down. I do my best to defend her as much as I can, but some people are going to be idiots no matter what you do.

The Bingham Family said...

Goodness! Here she is, someone who has inspired so many of us in so many ways, and she is so modest! It is because of Stephenie that I, along with millions of others, have not only rediscovered my love of reading, but have realized that taking the time once in a while to do something I truly enjoy just for myself is NOT selfish. Keep up the great work, and STOP APOLOGIZING :)

Melinda said...

You know, I so totally agree with you. I even wrote something fairly similar on my own blog today. I basically said she should write for herself and ignore the critics. And then share what she wrote with us, her adoring fans. :D


susan said...

She shouldn't apologize but her apologizing says something about the messaging we women are taught our entire lives. If we don't feel worthy or feel less than what are we doing to change that? It's very easy to blame others for putting us down, but what we are we doing to reject the negative messages and empowering women?

And why is the criticism unwarranted? Should any author be exempt for criticism?

There is plenty of hating against readers who don't like Meyer's work. It's almost blasphemy to say you don't like the Twilight series.

SPITsisters said...

Great point Justine. It's like she's apologizing for her success. She should be proud of every (cheesy) word. :)

Ellen Hopkins said...

Okay, so you may not want to hear this, but maybe you should listen to an author who proclaims she's a "storyteller" rather than a writer. Stephenie's own "story" is that she woke up from a dream and wrote TWILIGHT in six weeks, despite never having written before that. Being a "writer" demands learning the art of writing, and often that takes years and years. I applaud Stephenie for her comment and urge those of you who want to be writers to learn the art of writing. There are lots of resources available. Take advantage of them!

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