Friday, March 13, 2009

Poetry Friday: Scarlet

by S.Y. Headley

Scarlet is bold and strong.
Scarlet is a banner flying in the wind,
leaping, soaring, mocking.
It stands like a general,
waiting to fight to the death.

Scarlet is the blood shed by our ancestors,
thick and warm.
Scarlet is the fire, dancing
and flickering.

Scarlet is the story that your grandmother tells you,
ancient yet not defeated.
Scarlet is your ally,
prepared to defend you.

Scarlet is wine,
sometimes sour, sometimes sweet.
Scarlet is a rose,
beautiful but deadly.

Scarlet is free,
running with the wind,
sarcastic and jubilant.

I am Scarlet,
prepared for anything,
a stronghold.

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