Monday, March 30, 2009

Compass Rose

To celebrate the publication of a book, I usually buy something for myself that symbolizes my story. I was so pleased to find out that Nancy Pearl has the same tradition, as I learned when I was openly ogling her ring. She told me that she had bought it for herself in honor of Book Lust. (Do other authors do this? Please tell!)

The recent months have been hectic-hard, so I haven't had the wherewithal to shop. (Not my favorite thing to do in the best of times; it's even more of a chore now.)

But one of my hipster librarian friends, Brenna Shanks, wore a compass rose pendent

to my book party for NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL. I was so taken with the piece that she very generously shared the site where she purchased it.

What do you think? Is this the piece that I need to have to celebrate NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL?


tanita davis said...

Oh, wow. A simple statement of YES.

Erin said...


Anna said...

Yes! It's great!
I'd love to tell you what I buy myself when I'm published but that has yet to happen :). Don't know what will happen but I guess I will think of you and your great idea.

Georgia said...


I also saw a compass ring on etsy you might like :)

But this necklace is absolutely gorgeous!

Priya said...

Yes, it is! I love it.

Sue said...

EIK!...not yet, not yet!!!...don't want to blow a bday surprise, but...

Nikki said...

I love the compass on the front is awesome, but the quote on the back is a little cheesy.

At least you just buy something, every time something major happens in my life I get a new tattoo. I've got to stop at some point.

Meredith said...

I like it...

I also just did a search for compass rose on, and found something that kinda reminds me of Terra's artwork.

There is also this really cool ring:

I hope that you find something good!


Anonymous said...

It's a lovely necklace. I think it's perfect like a few others said. ;D

And the quote at the back is very motivating. =D


Sherry said...

I think so!

I love that you (and other authors)have this tradition. Perfect.

Justina Chen Headley said...

You are all hired as my personal shopper / stylists!

THANK YOU for weighing in. And I'm going to browse Etsy now. Hee.


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