Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nikki Grimes: A Hurricane of Change

Meet one of my writer-mentors, Nikki Grimes, a NY Times bestselling author and Coretta Scott King award winner. She is brilliant and fierce and 100% heart.

She called me last night to check in on me, shored me up with some solid advice, and then told me her chilling story. Just nine days after speaking at a school in Arkansas, the entire town was leveled by a hurricane. "Cherish every day," she told me. "Every day."

Nikki is a woman after my own heart. She is singlehandedly spearheading her own Operation Teen Book Drop by trying to replenish that school's devastated collection of young adult titles. So if you didn't rock the readergirlz drop and still have YA books lying around that are in need of a good home, consider sending a few of them here:

Jimma Holder
Literacy Specialist
Mena Public Schools
501 Hickory
Mena, AR 71953
Today, I am grateful to be surrounded by friends who are changemakers. Who are forces of nature. Who live by their words and actions.


Little Willow said...


May I repost this?

Justina Chen Headley said...

By all means, everyone, repost away!

Thanks to Darcy, one of my fave teen librarians, for already committing to sending a box of books.

You all are my heroes.


tanita davis said...

Oh, this place is on my list.
It's harder to rock the drop here -- American books are seen as "American" and so I've actually been turned down to donate. But this -- THIS I can do. Thank you.

Little Willow said...


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