Thursday, April 09, 2009

Big Island: Farmer's Market

A few years ago, I interviewed a woman who led tours of Nepal for a book that has yet to be finished. She told me that you don't have to go farther than your backyard to have an adventure. I love that philosophy... To find the new, to experience the different, right where we live.

At a gallery yesterday, the artist and I struck up a conversation. Ira told me about the Farmers' Market in Hilo, a must-see, so he said. So today I took myself off the volcano and drove to town. The flowers at the market were absolutely, mind-blowingly beautiful. They're about as far from a fussy rose as you can imagine. Primordial in their beauty.

Soursops, bread fruit, watermelon papayas, apple bananas...and the world's largest avocados ever seen.

Today, I am just so thankful for the enomous variety of fruit produced on our planet.


Stacy Nyikos said...

Justina, Where is the farmers' market? I somehow have in my head that you are in China this year, which would mean the to-die-for delicious are far far away. They still look unbelievable.

Justina Chen Headley said...

Hey Stacy: the Farmers' Market is on Hilo, Hawaii--every Wed and Sat, I believe. YUM.

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