Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hometown Heroes: Rwanda Girls Initiative

Two of my friends, Soozi McGill and Shal Foster, are building a ground-breaking girls' secondary boarding school in Rwanda. How amazing is that? I've just been so impressed with how they conceived the idea and are making Rwanda Girls Initiative come true--30 acres of gorgeous land, architects who are donating time to draw the plans, partnerships with universities, doctors, experts to ensure that the school serves the whole girl.

Today, I had the privilege of working with them on their presentation. Not that they needed my help. These women are rock stars.

Aren't we all grateful for people in the world who see the Big Picture, who see challenge as exciting, who see the YES in other people's NO? I am!


Anna said...

A big YES to them and to you for presenting the project Justina.
Love people moving the world to make it a little bit more human.
Thank you for taking the time and presenting some of these people.

holly cupala said...

Wow, that's incredible! Hats off to their innovation and vision.

Shelli said...

good for them!

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