Saturday, November 28, 2009

Summer Vacation...Really are pictures from my summer vacation. Which I discovered on my camera when I began the annual scouring for a good Xmas card photo.

I'm telling myself that this summertime photo stash--so recently discovered--is the hidden benefit of procrastination. See. I've been a wee bit stressed and busy lately. And these photos were a mini-vacation for my frazzled psyche. A reminder of a slower time in the Hudson Valley. Where have I been all this time never to have visited the Hudson Valley?

Meet my best friend, Si, from second grade.That's right. Second grade. We spent a few days together, talking non-stop. Her poor husband. Even after 3 days together, we kicked him out of his own sunroom because we still had some catching up to do. And then...she pulled out the yearbooks from hell. Middle school. Some memories are best left collecting dust.

Si is a Major Foodie. You could not imagine the meals she fixed for me, my kiddos, and my mother-in-law. She took us to the CIA--the Culinary Institute of America--and to tell you the truth, I'd eat whatever Si prepares over any restaurant any day.

To good friends who nourish us with conversation, the food of the soul.

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