Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tacos in Shanghai

The meal on this table? Took 3 days of scavanging to create and cook. My kiddos said, No more Chinese food, please. So I decided: TACOS! Easier said than done.
Taco shells, imported by yours truly from America on my October visit.
Meat and lettuce, found at my local wet market.
Cheese, purveyed at Carrefour.
Today I am thankful for Cuisines of all types. Who were those original chefs to create the various indigenous meals across countries and cultures? Isn't it amazing how many different things there are to EAT in this world?

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Martha Brockenbrough said...

There is exactly one person in the world who would think to bring tacos to the far side of the world.

So yes, international cuisine is amazing--but so is Justina!

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