Monday, December 07, 2009

Enjoying Beauty Everywhere

Life has been super hectic lately. So I love to transport myself to my new all-time favorite urban garden...the one in New York--the one so beautifully captured in Peter Brown's picture book, THE CURIOUS GARDEN. I love how some guerilla gardeners took over this line of overhead railway, abandoned in the 40s. Over the summer, I took my kiddos there for a moment of reprieve. Just look at the furniture built on top of abandoned railroad tracks. These benches are on casters so they can MOVE. How cool is that?

Beautiful, yes?


holly cupala said...

We just visited that garden a few months ago - so beautiful! I love that picture of you: soul of peace. :)

Meg Lippert said...

Hi Tina,
I love the picture of you relaxing in the NY garden. Where is it? Meg

Meg Lippert said...

What a great photo of you on the Railroad Furniture--great summer memories on this chilly drippy September Monday morning! Meg

Anonymous said...

Yes. I bet it's a bit colder today than when that photowas taken!

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