Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Food: The Sixth Love Language

With all due respect to Gary Chapman and his wonderfully insightful book, The Five Love Languages, BUT I think he missed out on an important way people share love. A universal one. Love isn't just shown through quality time, gifts or words of affirmation. Physical touch or acts of service.

It's also shown through food. Yes, food.

Food is the sixth love language. It sure is for the Chen family. Meet my mom, she who is literally trying to nourish me and the kiddos with every morsel known to humankind. But my friends are trying. Here is the latest offering: cream puffs by Peggy King Anderson. As she said, "They're stuffed with love."

That's why I ate two. As I stuffed them gleefully into my mouth, I kept telling myself, they're love-rich, not calorie-rich. Right.

And then here's my love offering to the hummingbirds who have rediscovered our yard since we returned from China. I was so worried about the tiny creatures with the weather dipping to freezing that I woke up early to thaw their nectar.

Today I am grateful for having enough to eat...and for having friends and family who have made it their mission to see the kids and me well-fed. With love.


Jackie Parker said...

One of Kyle & my favorite things to do together is cook. It makes me happy to share my kitchen with loved ones, be it the boy or friends over for dinner, it makes me happy.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

And you in turn feed us all with your blog! Rich food for thought!

hummingbirds of medina said...

You thawed our nectar! Now we know you really do love us.

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