Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Goals: Checkpoint Two Months

We have been in China for two months now. And that's check-in time on the goals I posted on August 22. I just don't want a year to slip by and then at the end of it wonder: what on earth did I do with my time?!

1. Acquire some basic Mandarin language skills!
Well, I still speak Cave Man Chinese as in Me. Want. This. (cue: pointing finger) But I have hired a Mandarin tutor and practice as much as I can (to the chagrin of my pre-teen son who is mortified every time I speak and Chinese people cock their heads at me as though I'm channeling some foreign language. Which I am.)

2. Write my next novels!
I finished 5 weeks of plotting my YA fantasy series and I am officially starting the rewriting process. YAY! This took much, much, much more time than I thought it would. Hopefully, this prewriting exercise will pay off in the long run.

3. Throw myself into the China experience!
I've set aside every Friday to explore the city and I'm gadding about town...although at a slower pace than before. My big dilemma is this: I started my Shanghai turnSTYLE project where I committed to interviewing 100 cool people here. I'm well on my way with that goal. But...I see a novel idea formulating. I wonder if I should abandon turnSTYLE (weep) to focus my interview time... I hate not completing projects. But my time is limited. (Note to peeps: THOUGHTS? Advice?)

4. Take exquisite care of my family, friends, and self!
I am exercising every single day--whether it's running or biking or popping on the elliptical. I've decided that driving an hour to yoga each way wasn't worth the bliss. Every Friday night is Pizza Night with the fam where we plop in front of a movie and chow down on pizza. And, yup, I have committed to being the writer-in-residence at an international school in Shanghai. Lucky Son, he gets to live with one of his teachers. Hee. And best of all? I've reinstated date nights with my hubby.

So...for those of you who made 2008 New Year's Resolutions, how are you doing with them?


Lorie Ann Grover said...

Let the TurnSTYLE interviews support the novel research! Right?

And pour into your dear family and your health. Way to go, Justina, for meeting your goals!

Anonymous said...

Instead of making resolutions on January 1st, I make resolutions on my birthday, because that begins my new year. I think I'm doing all right so far: I was in a show that opened the day before my birthday and had a great reception throughout its run; I'm in two new productions now and making my work, rehearsal, and performance schedules all make sense; I am now writing for SparkNotes and SparkLife in addition to and alongside my other blogging and reviewing; and other such things.

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