Friday, June 13, 2008

Being a gifty girl (definition: one who loves to buy little something, somethings for those she loves), I've made it a tradition of bestowing my editor and her editorial assistant with trinkets that symbolize my book and honor our work together.

I realize that I should be packing up for China. After all, the movers are coming in 6 days. Argh! However, procrastination is my strong suit.

So imagine my glee when I trolled my favorite crafting obsession, ETSY, and found a pendant made out of vintage maps, decoupaged on a vintage Scrabble piece! Could a more perfect trinket be had to commemorate my forthcoming NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL, which is about a mapmaker's daughter?

I've packaged up the pendants, tied them with my other crafting obsession--my MOO cards, and don't they look cute?!--and shipped them out today. I hope my editors like them and know how much I adore them!


Little Willow said...

Oh, how cute! How fitting!

The Purple Whale said...

Thank you again Justina, for incorporating my vintage map necklaces into your thank you!

All the best,


Janet Lee Carey said...

What a perfect match! It was fate for you to find these to celebrate NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL.

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